The Wayfarer Cooperative

est. 1951


The following documents of interest to shareholders and prospective shareholders are available for download.

House Rules
This document lists the Wayfarer's House Rules, including information about pets, quiet hours and laundry room usage.

The Bylaws of the Wayfarer Cooperative Association is an exhaustive documentation of the structure of the corporation (including the board of directors), definitions of terms such as shareholder, details of buying and selling shares, etc.

Articles of Incorporation
The legal document filed with the State of Washington in 1951 that created the Wayfarer Cooperative Association.

Articles of Amendment
This document serves as an amendment to the original Articles of Incorporation for the Cooperative.

Proprietary Lease
Every shareholder is entitled to occupy a specific unit in the Wayfarer building. The Proprietary Lease defines the terms of this agreement.

All prospective shareholders must submit an application to the Board for approval.